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Introduction: How to Grow a Mango Tree

Mangos, especially here in North Carolina, are very expensive (about $1.50 each) and are not usually good. So I decided to grow one. I looked up how to grow one from seed, but I never found a clear description of how you would. So I improvised and tried my own way. Although the success rate is about 20%, it is very easy and I do have two tiny mango trees.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

All you need to grow a mango is: •A mango •Paper towels •A plastic bag •A pot with soil You will not need the pot or soil for a couple of weeks.

Step 2: Get the Seed

Eat the mango any way you like but save the pit. Once you have gotten the pit out of the mango, clean it off first by eating the rest of the "meat" and the scrubbing it under a faucet. After you have dried the pit, pull out the little hairs on the side. Keep on pulling until they rip off. After lots of pulling, you will have a hole that you should use to open the shell with. After you have it open, pull out the seed. It might look a little ugly. The seed sizes can range from the size of a quarter to the size of your palm.

Step 3: Germinate the Seed

Once you have the seed out of the pit, wet a paper towel. Put the seed on one half of the paper towel and fold the rest on top of it. If you have more than one put them side by side. I would not recommend more than two per bag. Then, put the paper towel with seeds inside the plastic bag and blow up the bag. Then set the bag near a window.

Step 4: Plant the Seedling

Wait for the seed to sprout, which may take a couple weeks. Be warned: the paper towel may look disgusting. If you planted one and the bag is moldy, throw it out. If you planted two and the whole thing is moldy, throw it out; but if you planted two and only half is moldy, don't throw it out. After it has sprouted, take it out of the bag and plant it in good soil. Be careful not to disturb the roots. Be sure to give it full sunlight and lots of water.

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WARNING, mangos do NOT grow true to seed. You have no idea what the fruit will be like till the tree is 7-10 years old. It is better to graft a branch from a tree that produces mangos you really like when your seedling is about 1/4 inch thick at about 10 inches above the ground. Mangos produce very well in hot dry areas, better than in wet areas. The best mangos in Hawaii come from the hot dry areas. I have 3 great trees, a new experimental one and cut down a 25 year old producer of poor fruit.

Apparently some varieties do, according to the gist of which is to avoid the monoembryonic varieties, the type that comes from India. I see "Manila" quite a bit, a variety from the Philippines that is polyembryonic but only has a 20% success rate.

how long does it take for the seed to be like the first picture on step 4? I've kept mine for around 2 weeks, no sprout yet, only root. And the root is basically stuck inside the paper towel, so if I force to open it, the root might break. And also, what is the sign of the seed being moldy?

I actually had a mango tree years ago that lasted 4 years but I think I needed better soil because it eventually died off. I have tried with the method you suggest but it goes moldy and rancid everytime. Will it germinate if you just stick the seed in soil? or is there a reason for the germinating in a baggie? Maybe its the climate here (Western Canada close to the US border) but unless seeds sprout in under a week the black mold gets them :(

What you want to do is you a mix between water and hydrogen peroxide to kill off bad entities

I live in california

I live in california

How do get rid of the little black flys that crawl over the soil of a mango tree?

Great to know about growing mango tree from seed. But I read on that it takes a lot of time to mature and produce fruits.

Now I am confused that should I grow it from seed or buy from nursery.