Step 12: Apple Pie (Drink) Recipe

This is A recipe For Apple Pie The Drink. There are different ways to make it this is how I did it.
Materials Needed:
1-Gallon apple juice
1-Gallon apple cider
3-6 cinnamon sticks ( I bought some 6 inch and 10 inch sticks online) or more if you like a strong cinnamon flavor .
2- cups brown sugar
1- litter 190 proof ever clear (grain Alcohol) or 151 if thats all thats available in your state (just use A little more)
Large stock pot
stirring spoon

Add all ingredients In stock pot (EXCEPT EVER-CLEAR) Then heat up to A low simmer, untill the sugar is dissolved.
Then Let cool down. Once Cool add the ever clear.
If you don't  cool it down the ever clear could evaporate out.
Thats it Bottle it up store in fringe,  Just to be safe. Taste just like apple pie!!
Really cool instructable. You need to have a bit of botanical knowledge to really pull this off. Hopefully, if I ever have a fruiting try I can give this a try.
<p>Did you notice if the apples in the bottles grew faster than the ones that weren't? In other words, did the bottle act as a greenhouse?</p>
To my knowledge, the apples in the bottles did not grow any faster or slower than the apple that weren't. There might have been an increased amount of moisture in the bottles during certain times, from condesation.
<p>Thanks. Good 'Ible, by the way.</p>
Very cool thanks
Can ya do it with a tangerien ? and of course Awsome . <br>
You can save the bottles by just letting the fruit rot away when the spirit is gone. That's what the large bottles do to cut down on costs. When a fruit doesn't lass quality inspection they set the bottle aside and let the fruit rot away and then wash the bottle. The alcohol also helps to preserve the fruit and keep mold and bacteria from growing on the fruit.
how do you get the apple out to eat it?
My buddy broke the bottle, Its the only way. I would be careful and thoroughly wash it good wouldn't want to eat any glass. I don't recommend it Its more for looks and the cool factor. Thanks for the comment.
how does it taste?<br>
very good like apple pie.
cool.gonna have to try it.<br>
That is amazing, although i question why you need alcohol of that strength. If it is just for the taste, why make it so strong?
Because It gets diluted by adding the gallon of cider and the gallon of apple juice. the finish product is around 10- 15% by volume 30 proof. Its around the alcohol content of A strong wine. EverClear should always be diluted with Juice, Soda, ETC. Or Used to make homemade liqueurs like apple pie (Drink). Thanks for the comment!
ok then, i figured it was for some reason like that. I know someone who drank everclear straight form the bottle and had to go to the hospital.
This is brilliant! Now if only my trees would fruit...
Wow! This is cool. I really want to do this now ... I just need to find an apple tree.
In Italy you can see pear trees fully covered bybottle because farmers need pears in bottle for pear spirit (grappa williams).
That would be very cool to see.
That is very cool!
Fantastic! I love fruit in bottles.

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