Introduction: How to Grow an Herb Garden

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Step 1: Sunny Spot

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Before you pick out any herbs you need to pick a bright sunny spot for your herbs to grow.All herbs need a bright sunny spot.As you see in my herb garden part of it is shaded.In the morning it usually gets 5-6 hours of sun.

Step 2: Herbs

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Here is a list of herbs:
Dill,Basil,Parsley,Spearmint,Chocolate mint,Peppermint ,Cilantro,Oregano,Silver Edged Thyme,Chives,Rosemary,
Bee Balm, Lemon Balm,Catmint,Lemon Thyme,Lavender and Lime Mint.

Step 3: Pots,Raised Beds and Barrels Oh My!

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There are different ways of planting you can use pots,raised beds and barrels.I mostly do pots and I have one raised bed.I do a raised bed by stacking bricks four high in a shape I fill it in with dirt and water it ,I let it sit for awhile then I plant my herbs.You could make the bed 10 bricks high if you have enough bricks.If you do a barrel put four holes in the bottom of the barrel and put four bricks under barrel and fill the barrel with soil and plant your herbs.

Step 4: Harvesting and Uses

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Don't harvest herbs in the morning and don't harvest herbs after a rain.Harvest herbs before the plant produces flowers.You can use all mints in tea, just fill the jar of tea halfway full of the mint leaves you want, let it sit in an warm sunny spot for 2 -3 hours.Thyme is used for coughs and head aches.Lemon Balm is an insect repellant,be careful when you rub it on your skin you may be allergic,I was.Basil is a stimulant.

Step 5: Get Creative

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Get creative with the containers you plant your herbs in.

Step 6: Happy Gardening

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the great gardener (author)2013-11-05

I used the pots because I didn't have much of an area to work with and yes I bring the pots inside in the winter.:-)

BHub (author)2013-10-27

Nice post! Did you use pots for a reason? Can bring them inside for the winter season?

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