How to Grow: Peat Moss





Introduction: How to Grow: Peat Moss

Peat Moss: can be used for terrariums, gardening, and just decoration. If you live in an area that is abundant with it you will not have to grow any, but here in Florida it is really hard to come by. I only found one or two places with sparse patches of the moss.

Step 1: Finding Moss

The Moss will be in damp shaded places with a fair amount of sunlight. It can grow on trees, rocks, and the ground.  Collect your moss on a plate, leave a little bit of soil so it does not fall apart. Pick out any small weeds.

Step 2: Chop and Mix

Chop up the moss, and add some yogurt. Add a few Table Spoons of yogurt.Get a pastey consistency.

Step 3: Grow!

Spread It on a rock or tree in a place the moss would grow. Wait a month and check back.Dont Forget About It!  I hope It works for everyone, and tell me what you are using it for!



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    This is NOT spaghnum, the organism also known as peatmoss.
    Do not use this for your orchids or carnivorous plants.


    Completely different moss species avarafaeli. Actual peat moss (Spaghnum species) are used mostly as a filler (Think potting for orchids) that holds some extra water but hardly holds any nutrition. Or to accompany carnivorous plants as an actual growing medium of accompanying plant. The species in the picture is likely a species that prefers a more dry environment and will not be suited for the same things as Spaghnum moss. It's just not the right material...

    Dealing with orchids/carnivorous plants? This is what you are looking for:

    This is cool. Going to try it when things warm up.

    Helpful hint: Reword the title to something without the word "peat."

    Love the simplicity of this one, it's easy!

    Did your moss grow any mould? I am cultivating moss on little stones atm and it is furry.

    great idea, now that I'm working on bonsais !

    So it takes a month for the moss to fully colonize? No watering or anything?