Picture of How To Grow: Peat Moss
Peat Moss: can be used for terrariums, gardening, and just decoration. If you live in an area that is abundant with it you will not have to grow any, but here in Florida it is really hard to come by. I only found one or two places with sparse patches of the moss.
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Step 1: Finding Moss

Picture of Finding Moss
The Moss will be in damp shaded places with a fair amount of sunlight. It can grow on trees, rocks, and the ground.  Collect your moss on a plate, leave a little bit of soil so it does not fall apart. Pick out any small weeds.

Step 2: Chop And Mix

Picture of Chop And Mix
Chop up the moss, and add some yogurt. Add a few Table Spoons of yogurt. Get a pastey consistency.

Step 3: Grow!

Picture of Grow!
Spread It on a rock or tree in a place the moss would grow. Wait a month and check back.Dont Forget About It!  I hope It works for everyone, and tell me what you are using it for!
Did your moss grow any mould? I am cultivating moss on little stones atm and it is furry.
Abrahamon2 years ago
great idea, now that I'm working on bonsais !
So it takes a month for the moss to fully colonize? No watering or anything?