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Hey yall! Today I'm gonna give you advice on growing waist-hip long hair like me that's healthy!

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Now, the first step in growing hair is management! You must must must keep good care of your mane, otherwise you will end up with long hair that is thin and brittle

I use mane and tail conditioner, and I float around with shampoos but my favorite one is garciner cambogia (I think that's right) it leaves my hair virtually grease free for 2 days which is amazingly lifesaving if you don't have time to shower

Now, genetics also plays a role in how your hair reacts to length, for example my hair is wavy at waist length, and Shirley temple curly when it's short. If you have thin hair, I suggest trying some thickening products or even cutting a few inches off to give it more volume when you grow it out

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Sometimes, sad sigh, you have to chop! As you can see here, I took about 2-3 inches off and it gave my thick hair INCREDIBLE volume! And it was even curly for a day!

I am naturally born with thick hair, I even had hair when I was literally just born, so I have always been the "rapunzel" of my class

Back from the bunny trail, 3 things you should avoid doing with long hair

Constantly brushing it (it can damage your hair if you brush it every day)

Ponytails (this happens to be moi, but I am learning to ponytail less and use a bun with bobby pins more)

Finger brushing and Ripping out snarlies

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And a bonus tip is doing hair conditioning treatments once a month, I recently ombred the bottom of my hair, and it did get a bit brittle, but I'm working on getting it back to moistness

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Hope you enjoyed this!


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Wow! Your hair is lovely! :)

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