How to Grow an Egg Using Osmosis





Introduction: How to Grow an Egg Using Osmosis

Step 1: Supplies

White vinegar works the best but any vinegar will do.
A egg
A glass

Step 2:

First put the egg in the glass and pure the vinegar over it until the egg is completely covered. Then all you have to do is wait.
(It will take about a day)

Step 3:

Then your done!



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I'm confused by the word "grow". It looks like you are removing the shell and infusing the egg with vinegar. I take it when cooked, it becomes a pickled egg immediately. Interesting.

This is an interpretation of a classic science experiment; the weak acid in vinegar dissolves eggshells while leaving the yolk sac intact, the "grow" in the title is likely referring to the fact that the egg appears to have "grown" following the dissolving process, as it appears larger due to the fact that the yolk sac is flexible, while the eggshell is not. Presumably, if you cooked it, after soaking it just a day more, it would indeed pickle.

Freaky giant clear egg, thanks for sharing.

very unique instruct able keep up the good work

once cooked, yes, but it will taste strongly of vinegar...