DIY-Hack A Rotary Old Phone To LED Unit & Cellphone Audio Amplifier.

This hack provides some useful issues, for example we can read books at night using our old lovely retro phone, meanwhile using the phone as a mobile or any cell phone audio amplifier, the quality of the amplified songs would be depending on what type of amplifier you will use inside the retro-phone. Usually strong amps which are bigger in size cannot be fit inside the phone, but small ones are getting into.

I used an amplifier taken from a SONY cassette player 3V stereo.

I hope you like this project also visit my channel for my hack and how to projects here:


the music is from stockmusic.net.
a royalty free track, which I have purchased the license for Samimy-productions
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This project looks awesome! Could you possibly post step by step instructions for the less visual people, I would love to make this.<br><br>Thank you :)
you read Richdad Poordad! Great book!<br><br>very interesting ins'table!
great awsome project i now just need an amplifyer
Sweet music, great edit on the video, and sweet idea!
This is so awesome!! Great idea.
Neat project, I love those old rotary phones!