How-To Hack A Retro Old Phone To LED Unit & Audio Amplifier

video How-To Hack A Retro Old Phone To LED Unit & Audio Amplifier
DIY-Hack A Rotary Old Phone To LED Unit & Cellphone Audio Amplifier.

This hack provides some useful issues, for example we can read books at night using our old lovely retro phone, meanwhile using the phone as a mobile or any cell phone audio amplifier, the quality of the amplified songs would be depending on what type of amplifier you will use inside the retro-phone. Usually strong amps which are bigger in size cannot be fit inside the phone, but small ones are getting into.

I used an amplifier taken from a SONY cassette player 3V stereo.

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the music is from stockmusic.net.
a royalty free track, which I have purchased the license for Samimy-productions
macke.sara3 years ago
This project looks awesome! Could you possibly post step by step instructions for the less visual people, I would love to make this.

Thank you :)
jensenr303 years ago
you read Richdad Poordad! Great book!

very interesting ins'table!
ivanjacob3 years ago
great awsome project i now just need an amplifyer
WhiteTech3 years ago
Sweet music, great edit on the video, and sweet idea!
greeenpro3 years ago
This is so awesome!! Great idea.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Neat project, I love those old rotary phones!