How-To Hack the Broken Hard-Drives to Rechargeable LED Unit


Introduction: How-To Hack the Broken Hard-Drives to Rechargeable LED Unit

About the PDF Map:
it is under editing, as soon as it finished i upload it and you will see the link here, you can download it for free, No charge.

here is the showcase introduction link of this project:

DIY:How to make a USB-Solar Rechargeable
Light & Mobile Charger

Note: A file of PDF Map and pictures
of this project is available based on request,
if you are interested to make one same (or better one), ask me to email you
PDF maps and detailed pictures.
(It is Free, No charge)


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January 15th-2011

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    NYC can u pls mail me a PDF of those.

    I wish I could do that.

    i want to try it my self, please send to me step-step build it