~You must be jailbroken (i have an instructable on how to do that if you arent)
~You must have iFile
~You must have Flappy Bird (obviously)

Step 1: Close Flappy Bird From Task Manager

Step 2: Open IFile and Do the Following:

~Go to var/mobile/applications/FlappyBird
~Click Flap.app
~Scroll down and click atlas.txt
~Search 'pipe' and change the 320 after "pipe2_up" "pipe_up" "pipe2_down" and "pipe_down" to 5

Step 3: Get Rad Scores!!!

<p>Here is a working hack for Flappy Bird !!! Found it in VIP section of gaming forum !</p><p>direct download link <a href="http://smarturl.it/754n0v" rel="nofollow"> http://smarturl.it/754n0v</a></p><p>Tested and really worked !!!</p>

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