Introduction: How to Have a Hard Day

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This is how to work harder than you ever wanted to. Landscaping in an enclosed coutyard.

Step 1: Load Rock

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Shovel rock into your wagon .
It should take about. 90 shovels full to fill .
Drive the load to your area .

Step 2: Transfer Rock

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Transfer rock to the wheelbarrow . It takes about. 45 shovel loads .

Step 3: Hauling

Push a horribly overloaded wheelbarrow through three sets of double doors about 50 feet .

Step 4: Landscaping

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Shovel or dump rock into desired areas .

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat for. 8 hours or you pass out.

As a bonus if you'd also like to have a bad week repeat this process daily .


bifaerie79 (author)2014-04-27

HA! Very funny. I've had this exact same hard day before! The work is well worth the beautiful landscaping though.

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