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I am self taught so be kind in your comments.
This is how I hem jeans that are too long and still maintain that "factory hem" look
I'll be making these 34x30 from 34x32 jeans.

Step 1: Measuring And Pinning

Picture of Measuring And Pinning
Fold up and measure half the amount you plan to shorten the pants. For me I'm hemming up 2" so I fold the pants up 1" (not including the original hem). Pin it so it don't move. You can also iron and pin.
dedwards291 year ago

worked great now I just need to iron them

Emma B1 year ago


Tip: Use a hammer (on a solid base, like the floor) to soften and thin the thick seams, you'll find them easier to sew through.

If you have one, a zipper foot would get you REALLY close to the original hem. :D

I've seen other tutorials like this, but you brought up some good points that they didn't cover. Nice job!!!
SnazzyBot1 year ago

Very nice job! I love the last thing there about the tag. :D