Picture of How To Hem Jeans
I am self taught so be kind in your comments.
This is how I hem jeans that are too long and still maintain that "factory hem" look
I'll be making these 34x30 from 34x32 jeans.
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Step 1: Measuring And Pinning

Picture of Measuring And Pinning
Fold up and measure half the amount you plan to shorten the pants. For me I'm hemming up 2" so I fold the pants up 1" (not including the original hem). Pin it so it don't move. You can also iron and pin.

Step 2: Line Up The Seams

Picture of Line Up The Seams
Make sure you pay close attention to the stitches at the seam. If they don't line up you won't get a professional look.

Step 3: Thread Color

Picture of Thread Color
Most jeans use gold thread for the hem. Don't use gold. You want your thread to match the jeans. Your new hem will STILL use the gold or whatever color hem is already in your pants. My jeans are blue so I'm using blue thread in order to hide my stitches.

Step 4: Thread Color Cont.

Picture of Thread Color Cont.
I'm using the same blue in the bobbin. White would also work in this case.

Step 5: Sewing Machine Setup

Picture of Sewing Machine Setup
You want to sew close to the original hem so select the according setting on your machine. Mine is B instead of A to get me closer.

Step 6: Starting

Picture of Starting
I start at the thickest part on a BACKWARDS direction then pass back forward. This is strongest. You might have to roll the machine by hand like I did to stop from breaking needles. Notice I run the foot along the original hem as a guide. It will keep you perfectly straight (as long as you pinned an measured correctly).

Step 7: Coming Up To The Other Thick Part

Picture of Coming Up To The Other Thick Part
Make sure you line up the seams when they come into play well before they get close to the machine. This will keep you lined up. Again you might have to roll by hand at that point.

Step 8: Remove From Machine

Picture of Remove From Machine
After a complete pass remove from machine and trim and burn loose ends. Flip the seam inside (thus giving you the other 1" for a total of 2" hem) - that is why we only pinned half the amount we wanted to hem up.
dedwards291 year ago

worked great now I just need to iron them

Emma B1 year ago


Tip: Use a hammer (on a solid base, like the floor) to soften and thin the thick seams, you'll find them easier to sew through.

If you have one, a zipper foot would get you REALLY close to the original hem. :D

I've seen other tutorials like this, but you brought up some good points that they didn't cover. Nice job!!!
SnazzyBot1 year ago

Very nice job! I love the last thing there about the tag. :D