How to Host a Website With Out a Domain.





Introduction: How to Host a Website With Out a Domain.

This shows you how to host a website for free on Google Drive , but without paying for a domain.

Step 1: Log in Into Google Drive.

Step 2: Create a Folder.

This is where you will put all your site assets.

Step 3: Take Your Website Assets and Put Them It.

Step 4: Share the Folder to the Public.

This allow's anyone to view it.

Step 5: Accessing It!

Select the HTML file and click details , scroll down to "HOSTING" and the click the link.




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    It works, but either use sites or host your own website. Domain names are VERY cheap (the electricity to run the server costs more if you choose the domain wisely), and the google drive link is way too long for anyone to remember.

    This title is completely misleading, because you are not 'Hosting' a website at all.

    You can also use google sites at

    Domain names are so cheap, I don't get the benefit of having a website with an URL like ";g084piafsfhasdlk8v8fpasf23410ewrh!@#$098r308473df'd;eidaIri93fjkgasitrpregppioerpwhatthehellisit"?"??

    You can use it's if some one want's to test it out as it's different if you open it from you desktop.