This shows you how to host a website for free on Google Drive , but without paying for a domain.

Step 1: Log in Into Google Drive.

Step 2: Create a Folder.

This is where you will put all your site assets.

Step 3: Take Your Website Assets and Put Them It.

Step 4: Share the Folder to the Public.

This allow's anyone to view it.

Step 5: Accessing It!

Select the HTML file and click details , scroll down to "HOSTING" and the click the link.


<p>This title is completely misleading, because you are not 'Hosting' a website at all.</p>
<p>You can also use google sites at sites.google.com</p>
<p>Domain names are so cheap, I don't get the benefit of having a website with an URL like &quot;googledrive.com/host/sdf;g084piafsfhasdlk8v8fpasf23410ewrh!@#$098r308473df'd;eidaIri93fjkgasitrpregppioerpwhatthehellisit&quot;?&quot;??</p>
<p>You can use bit.ly...And it's if some one want's to test it out as it's different if you open it from you desktop. </p>

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