Picture of How To Hot Wax Your Skis
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This instructable is my first one. It will tell you how to wax skis. This will also work for a snowboard. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand just in case. I will post pictures of me actually doing it as soon as I can.
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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials
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You need: • Hot wax for the temperature you will be skiing in • Waxing iron • Ski brush • Cork (my brush had a cork on the back and also my wax did too) • Stand to place skis • Plastic scraper with a 90-degree angle edge • Vacuum • Well-ventilated area • Rubbing alcohol • Cloth • And obviously skis to be waxed

Step 2: Clean Skis

Picture of Clean Skis
Take your rubbing alcohol and put some on your cloth. Then clean your skis with the cloth and let dry for around 20 minutes

Step 3: Heat Your Iron And Drip Wax On Bases

Picture of Heat Your Iron And Drip Wax On Bases
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Put your skis bottom up on your work bench/place. This is after the alcohol has dried. Set your iron to the temperature your wax melts at and let it heat up. Make sure the hot part doesn't touch anything. After it's at the right temperature, put the wax against the hot part. Drip the wax onto your bases. After the skis are covered with drips, iron it out with the iron until there is an even layer everywhere. Let this wax cool. It will take about 30 minutes to an hour. Turn off the iron and let cool ( without the hot part touching anything).

Step 4: Scrape Off Wax With Scraper

Picture of Scrape Off Wax With Scraper
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Take your plastic scraper and scrape the wax off with it tilted. Male sure ALL the wax on the outside has been scraped off. This will take a long time and will be tiring. Vacuum up all the scrapings. Take your brush and brush the bases.

Step 5: Buff Bases With Cork

Picture of Buff Bases With Cork
Take your cork and buff the bases to buff the wax into the bases. Congratulations, you just waxed your skis!
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