How to Inflate Your Dented Ping Pong





Introduction: How to Inflate Your Dented Ping Pong

Do you have dented Ping Pong ball?

With easy step video, I'll show you how you can inflate your dented Ping Pong.

Get a glass of cup and add hot water, place the Ping Pong ball into the hot water and sink the Ping Pong ball under the hot water for few seconds. It will inflate by itself. The air inside the Ping Pong expand under hot water and it inflated.

Please watch the video for more info.



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    Ah! The cursed dinged up ping pong ball

    or you could just get good 3 star pingpong balls that will improve your game play and they won't get squished, they'd sooner crack than squish.

    Not in my experience. I don't know, maybe I use different 3-star tennis balls. They are more durable, though.

    don't you mean ping pong balls? ;D

    Table "tennis" ;)

    We have several ping pong balls around the house for my cats to play with. I'm going hunting for ping pong balls to fix!

    very well done! i inflated mine so much that instead of having a dent in it, it now has a little bump on it. :P