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Introduction: How to Ink a Drawing

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A while ago, I went to a cartooning class and learned a bunch of things about drawing, and one of my faves is inking. Inking is going over with markers (preferably sharpie) in a special way. My teacher told us not to call it tracing, because it would offend inkers everywhere. :)
But that's pretty much what it is. So let's do it!!!

Step 1: What You Need

- a piece of paper

- a pencil

- a regular sharpie and a thin sharpie pen
(Or just a black marker)

Step 2: Let's Get Doodling!!

Start drawing! But don't put too much detail like shade. And anything that should be colored black leave blank. You will fill it in soon

Step 3: Inking

Now if you have a sharpie trace over every thing in the skinny sharpie and in regular sharpie color in every black thing such as hair

If you don't, just use a marker and do the exact same thing

Step 4: Finished!

Just erase those pencil lines and color, and you are done!



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    I love all of your instructables and think you are amazingly gifted.

    that's a great drawing, thanks for the tutorial!

    You're so great at drawing! I would love to feature this in today's momo's shoutouut sunday. If you're not familiar with mss, Every sunday I make an instructabl annd then selllect three of my followers to give shoutout to. I would like toouse this so if you want to see you're instructable, go to 'soda can camera' and scroll to the bottom.

    Thank you so much for contributing too the community!

    -momoluv <3

    Hi guys hope you like it as much as I do ! Please comment :)