A while ago, I went to a cartooning class and learned a bunch of things about drawing, and one of my faves is inking. Inking is going over with markers (preferably sharpie) in a special way. My teacher told us not to call it tracing, because it would offend inkers everywhere. :)
But that's pretty much what it is. So let's do it!!!

Step 1: What You Need

- a piece of paper

- a pencil

- a regular sharpie and a thin sharpie pen
(Or just a black marker)

Step 2: Let's Get Doodling!!

Start drawing! But don't put too much detail like shade. And anything that should be colored black leave blank. You will fill it in soon

Step 3: Inking

Now if you have a sharpie trace over every thing in the skinny sharpie and in regular sharpie color in every black thing such as hair

If you don't, just use a marker and do the exact same thing

Step 4: Finished!

Just erase those pencil lines and color, and you are done!
Thanks so much, "Elsa"! ;)
I love all of your instructables and think you are amazingly gifted.
Thank you!
<p>that's a great drawing, thanks for the tutorial!</p>
<p>You're so great at drawing! I would love to feature this in today's momo's shoutouut sunday. If you're not familiar with mss, Every sunday I make an instructabl annd then selllect three of my followers to give shoutout to. I would like toouse this so if you want to see you're instructable, go to 'soda can camera' and scroll to the bottom.</p><p>Thank you so much for contributing too the community!</p><p>-momoluv &lt;3</p>
<p>clever, i wish i could draw better.</p>
Hi man!? ;)
Sry the button pressed this ?
Cool man!?
<p>Very nice technique, thanks for sharing your knowledge!</p>
Hi guys hope you like it as much as I do ! Please comment :)

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