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Hey guys!

So for a long time, I've wanted a gba emulator for my iPod, and then I finally found GBA4ios

It was the best moment of my life, because i was raised with the gba. But now I wanted cheat codes for my pokemon games (pokemons4ever.) so without further delay, let's get started

Questions, comments, recommendations, requests? Leave them in the comments or email me personally at wildabeast90@gmail.com

BTW: I'm in desperate need of ideas. Please let me know if you have any!

Step 1: Get The App

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To get the app, visit this link http://gba4iosapp.com/download/

If the download isn't working, set the date back to feb 18 2014.

Warning: I cannot be held responsible for your device being damaged by this software.
Hi, I have gba4ios 2.1 on my iPhone 5. I have emerald and light platinum Roms and have tried multiple cheat codes for master balls and rare candies but none work..? I've tried the codes above also and they're not working... Tried them with and without master codes. Any ideas? Do I have to input them at a specific point of the load up? Just baffled and any help would be appreciated! Starting to miss the good ol' surf glitch aha
TheStuUurgE (author)  SunkAttorney yesterday
Many people have come to me with the exact same problem, as far as I can see this issue has been fixed by using different codes. For whatever reason, certain codes only work with certain devices, so I can't really tell you what codes will and won't work for your device or really any other device than the ipod 5. However, one thing I can tell you is that some cheat code websites have fake codes or just incorrect codes. Its really all trial and error for finding the right ones.
TheStuUurgE (author) 6 months ago
Pokemon modifier codes do not work with gba4ios
Topshi7 months ago
Look man you are awsome for doing this...it's good there are peoples still care about gba and helping others but i really need some help.i have both gpsphone and gba4ios 2.1 the thing is that all cheat codes work exept those with pokemon modifier
TheStuUurgE (author)  Topshi7 months ago

Thanks for the support, but there is no way to get pokemon modification cheats that work on gba4ios

ok no modifier codes for gba4ios....but what about gpsphone do you know any way or am i destined to not comlpete this game :/ or do you know any way to link gba4ios with the vba for pc?

TheStuUurgE (author)  Topshi7 months ago

I don't know about other apps and programs, so I can't see if these will work or not. I suggest you look online about this sort of thing. I've studied Gba4ios, but I can't say for any other programs.

Thanx anyway man.i'll see what i can find out.see ya :)
Topshi7 months ago
Oh come on Pls answer someone...i even tryed the cheats on us version of pokemon emerald and still didn't work.i got them from this website http://www.ign.com/faqs/2006/pokemon-emerald-version-gameshark-codes-list-709041. Can you tell me if they are good or is it me?am i doing something wrong?
TheStuUurgE (author)  Topshi7 months ago

I cannot explain your dilemma. I spend a lot of time trying to find codes. There is no exact code that will or will not work for your device. From what I hear, codes that work vary from device to device

Topshi7 months ago
Can you help me plssss...i forgot to mention that i have an italian version of pokemon emerald and i'd love to catch em all :)
TheStuUurgE (author) 7 months ago
Did you put in the master code?
Julsboredasf7 months ago
The rare candy and master ball code doesnt work? I have the latest gba4ios to
hongjun.shi.38 months ago


I have a question.

Could you please give me the full link to the site where I can find the cheat codes.

Thank yo

TheStuUurgE (author) 8 months ago
TheStuUurgE (author) 8 months ago
Some of the questions I'm seeing cannot be answered by me, but look at the edit on step 4
ThatGuyy6648 months ago
Ok so I have pokemon fire red and I'm trying to put in the shiny cheat, will someone please comment it and also dose it have to be on gameshark or code breaker because I have the infinite rare candy cheat on code breaker and it works fine so please help
TheStuUurgE (author) 8 months ago
Not every code is compatible with gba4ios, if they all were then I wouldn't have much trouble replying to all the emails im getting
thomas.lia.39 months ago

Please my cheats codes didn't work!

dac.trinh.359 months ago

how come I don't have the cheat code thing in my menu?

TheStuUurgE (author)  dac.trinh.359 months ago
It is likely because you aren't running the updated app. Try to download 2.0, or it won't have the cheat capability.
rudy301 year ago
You realize using that is slightly illegal

Umm seriously? If you own the game already its not. And even if you did not then who cares? Its a game people enjoy playing. Dont be a buzzkill.

it is still illegal though. even if you own the game you aren't allowed to reproduce it the same way that if you own a dvd you're not allowed to make copies of it. No one really cracks down on people who pirate games as much as they crack down on those who pirate music though, so most people think this is ok.

Kyle EllisM10 months ago

hey can u post the eevee code for sapphire it's not working :/

TheStuUurgE (author) 1 year ago
If you own the games you download, than it's not illegal

How? i dont have any cheats restore in my FireRed version

How can i create?

TheStuUurgE (author) 1 year ago
To collect the items using cheat codes, you have to go to the pokemon center and withdraw them from your item box
aflores441 year ago

how do i get the infinite rare candies.. Are they supposed to be in the bag?

all the other gamesharks works,well the same with the masterballs..

TheStuUurgE (author) 1 year ago
It could be that you are using an un-updated form of the emulator or you are using the emulator for jail broken iPods or phones

for some reason it's not working for me. I've done all that you've said but it's not working. Help?