Picture of How To Install A Horn On A Bike
I am installing a wolo low tone motorcycle horn on my Diamondback trace.
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Step 1: Find A Place To Mount Your Horn

Picture of Find A Place To Mount Your Horn
find a solid place to mount your horn and make sure it's not in the way of any moving parts.

Step 2: Mount Your Switch

Picture of Mount Your Switch
I mounted my switch using the reflector as a mounting point and secured it with the reflector's screw.

Step 3: Power Source

Picture of Power Source
I used a 10 AA battery holder. this was then put into a pouch under the seat.

Step 4: Run Your Wiring

Picture of Run Your Wiring
I cut the connectors off an old DC charging cord and used that.

Step 5: Test Your Horn

Picture of Test Your Horn
make sure the horn doesn't touch anywhere besides it's mounting point; the horn will not work properly if it is touching the frame.