How To Install DOS 6.22 Under VirtualBox

Picture of How To Install DOS 6.22 Under VirtualBox
This Instructable was created to walk you through the steps required to install DOS 6.22 in VirtualBox.  I know it is an old operating system, but it is fun to mess around with. 
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Step 1: Step 1: Download VirtualBox

Picture of Step 1: Download VirtualBox
First, you need to download and install the virtual machine, Oracle VirtualBox.  It is a free download.

Step 2: Step 2: Download DOS 6.22

For your convienience, I have provided you with a link to download DOS 6.22.  Just click on the link below.

The files have the extension .img, which is a virtual floppy disk image.

Step 3: Step 3: Run VirtualBox and Set Up the Virtual Machine

vbox 2.png
vbox 3.png
In this step, you will add a virtual machine that will run DOS 6.22.

First, open VirtualBox

At the top of the screen, you will see a button labeled "New".  Click that.

Click next.

Give the virtual machine a name.

Click next.

Give the virtual machine some RAM.  I chose 64 megs because that is the most that DOS 6.22 will see.  You could choose something lower if you wanted to.

Click next.

Click "Create New Disk".

Click next.

Choose a virtual hard drive format.  The top option works fine, unless you have a reason to choose a different one.

Click next.

Choose between dynamically allocated and fixed size.  Dynamically allocated will let the virtual hard drive grow and shrink as you add files, but will be slower.  Fixed size would be like the hard drive in your computer.  It is only one size.  This will vbe faster.

Click next.

Choose the size of the hard drive.  If you chose dynamically allocated, you will choose the maximum size of the hard drive.

Click next.

Click create.

Click create again.
jcummings11 made it!21 days ago

Awesome, hey there's config.sys and autoexec.bat my old friends....and debug.exe...a fairly new friend, but an old one as well. hehe

virtual dos machine 1.jpg
gtak11224 months ago

Great instructions - got Virtualbox and DOS 6.22 installed under Win7 host without a problem.

Now for the newbie (toVM) question: how do I exchange files between the host and the VM? When I assign a host drive letter to the Floppy Device, DOS can't see it. The only drive letter that works in DOS is C:. I've also tried setting up a Shared Folder and mapping a Windows drive letter, but again, DOS doesn't see it. So at this point the VM is an orphan. Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Gary

KaydenST (author)  gtak11223 months ago

The way I've always transferred files between my virtual machines and the host OS is by using .iso maker software. A Google search will yield results. Put all of the files you want to transfer inside the program, and create a floppy file (.img I believe) from the files. You can then point the floppy controller to the .img file, and transfer files from there. If you want to use CD image files (.iso), you need a DOS CD driver. Again, Google is your friend. The procedure is the same, except save the files as a CD image file (.iso). The only problem I can think of with setting up a shared folder is that the hard drive in your computer is formatted as NTFS, rather than FAT. I'm not 100% sure if DOS can read NTFS drives or not.

DonCam465 months ago

It would be great if the file in Dropbox will be again available. The link seems to be not working any more. Really appreciate an update. Thanks. DonCam46

KaydenST (author)  DonCam465 months ago
I will look at that. Thanks!
Pegolo9 months ago
Wow. That was EZ! Thanks so much Kayden. I can now run a badly missed old DOS program again. Thanks for taking the time to help others. Peg from Lolo, Montana.
Thomas19671 year ago
really a great step by step instruction. Worked perfectly for me to have DOS 6.77 on Win7 Pro 64Bit!!
Is it possible to use the mapped netdrives (e.g. Drive f: for a win2k8 server) ?
What would be the steps to do this?
Thanks again,
KaydenST (author)  Thomas19671 year ago
In the Instructable, it shows how to enable your network adapter, and emulate an older adapter to make driver hunting easier. So you do have network capabilities. I will have to look into mapping network drives in DOS, because I've never done it.
Trekki611 year ago
One of the best instructions ever seen! Should be a template for other ones! thx very much!
Great instructable! My MS-DOS is working fine!
KaydenST (author)  wackywired1351 year ago
Lol I haven't been on Instructables in forever! Glad it worked for you!
Shmuel61 year ago
Thanks sooooo much! One of the best Guides I have ever seen Thanks!
KaydenST (author)  Shmuel61 year ago
Lol I haven't been on Instructables in forever! Glad it worked for you!
dfietkau1 year ago
I did it before I read Your article. But excactly the same way :D
Though guest addintions are not available, embedding shares would be the next step for me.

best regards
DancerBoi1 year ago
Mine got stuck at 0% of Drive C formatted. =\
mikroskeem1 year ago
i made a same instructable too(i didn't know) and you've got more views and subscriptions?
First hit on google for "virtualbox dos". That's why.
Your instructable shows up as 6th or 7th when searching for "vmware dos".
KaydenST (author)  mikroskeem1 year ago
Haha that's funny. I'll have to take a look at your Instructable! DOS is pretty awesome!

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