Introduction: How to Install GitHub for Mac

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Why install GitHub for Mac? The command line interface can be intimidating, hard to use, and you have to memorize all the commands. Additionally, GitHub has some specific features that are not part of Git. In this tutorial, we will install GitHub for Mac, a nice a free GUI for Git / GitHub.

Step 1: Download GitHub for Mac

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First go to and click the download button, but first make sure you have Mac OS X 10.9 or later. You can't download with an earlier version of OS X.

Step 2: Move to Applications Folder

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After the zip archive download, GitHub will appear in your downloads folder. Drag and drop into your Applications folder. Double click and open.

Step 3: Verify, Login, and Configure

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Be patient. Verification only takes a few moments. Once you are verified you will connect to GitHub by logging into your GitHub account. Then you will configure your Git to identify you and the commits you make so that everyone else knows who you are and what you are doing. Anyone will be able to see your Git config and associated information. Then just find the local repositories you want to work on and you are good to go.


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