You Can watch the video that shows step by step how to install Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 Retail on Windows.

Step 1: Video!

I've been a hackintosh user for years and I'd never go back.<br>The fact you can run better hardware than apple use is a major thing and the main reason most do it. Setting up can be trying but it's rewarding!<br>Windows (windblows!) is only good for gaming. Period. <br>Open your mind haters!!<br>
<p>Can you please make text instructions as well please?</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>Then why would either of you comment at all?</p><p>You can hopefully read at some reasonable level of comprehension and yet you responded to something you have already decided you don't like.</p><p>I read it because I have an interest in running a system with multiple OS's.</p><p>It helps to keep me from becoming stagnant in my thinking and only being on a single mind track in my life.</p>
Installing osx just ruins a computer. I would much rather keep windows on it
<p>totally agree</p>

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