Step 3: Install A Theme

An icon called "SMB Prefs" will now appear, do not use it yet. Next you need to install a theme. To do this, go to the install tab, then to "themes (summerboard)".
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use dreamboard, it has better themes, like windows phone, windows 8, endroid, etc.
SMBPrefs dose nolonger exsest
*** UPDATE!!**** With winterboard it will restart Automaticly
ummm eather i jailbroke it wrong or my ipod is messed up cuz it gives me somtin called winterboard
yess the new SummerBoard is Winterboard it still should work
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Thanks for sharing such a nice information on installation of themes on <a href="http://www.iphone-unlocksoft.com/" rel="nofollow">jailbroken iphone</a> and ipad. your information is very helpul .thanks for sharing.
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what theme is used above?? whats the name?
It's called Winterboard now. Us who jailbroke our iPhones/iPod Touches with redsn0w got Cydia, and we only have Winterboard. It's much better though.
dont worry thanx i found it! WOW its so cool i got the vending mavhine 1 ! x
how do you set a theme when i went to summerboard i couldnt find how to set a them...?
Man, that last theme is so cool! I will definitely do that if I get an iPhone/ iPod touch, great Instructable!
thanks a lot man. If you want to get an iPod touch or iPhone for free try freeipodtouch.com or freeiphone.com they really work if ur patient.
So they really work? is it really free or do you have to buy other stuff?

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