Picture of How To Jailbreak iPod Touch 5.0.1 - 5.1.1
To check what firmware you have go to : Settings > General > About
*This is for iOS 5 devices, check out my iOS 6 tutorial
*If anything (unlikely) is to happen to your device in the process, I am not liable. I Have jail broken over 20 devices and have not hit a problem (with iOS 5)
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Step 1: Tools

You will need the following: 
iPod Touch
Windows or Mac Computer
Absinthe      (http://absinthedownload.com/)
USB cable

Step 2: Instructions

Picture of Instructions
Plug your device into the computer
1. Once device is recognized, open up absinthe.
2. If it says your iPod is connected, click jailbreak.
3. Once Cydia is installed, eject your iDevice and open up Cydia.
4. Cydia will say it needs to update packages and will close when done (let it happen)
5. Once it finishes process you are good to go!
* If you have attempted to jailbreak before (and failed) absinthe will fix
*For iOS 5 devices only, see my page for iOS 6 devices.

Step 3: Terminology

Tethered - when device is rebooted, jailbreak is idle. 
Untethered - when device is rebooted, jailbreak is still active
A4 device - single core processor (Applies to ipod 2g, 3g, 4g) 
A5 device - newest processor
SHSH Blobs - your own custom device info
Dr.M16 months ago

please fix this i had to restore i ipod 2g cuz of failure

Dr.M16 months ago

it opens the app then wen its done it shuts off ipod and delets all the apps i haf

GarrettV6 months ago

it just opens a cmd style screen and extracts files then nothing happens halp my ipod touch is 5.1.1

wilgubeast2 years ago
So----many-----dashes. I'd love to see one for jailbreaking the Apple TV (v3). Preferably with fewer dashes, a touch more info about what to do if a jailbreak fails, and maybe with some screenshots of the actual process.
noobtuberuser (author)  wilgubeast2 years ago
yes sorry, i made this instructable on a mobile, i will fix now. I will add ios 6, and apple tv