Step 1: Go in to Minecraft

Step 2: Go Into Your Worlds

Once you are in you wait for a little bit and it should say the other players name and world on wifi.

Step 3: If This Doesn't Work Read This Step

Go into settings and turn on local server multiplayer

Step 4: Leave Me a Comment If This Doesn't Work

<p>Oh, By The Way, All of those PCPE Ports Are Default.</p>
It seriously doesn't work like at all
<p>TheMrCOOLguy2 You Are An Expert On MC Too!!! ??? #mcpe #lifeboatsgservers #indistructables #experts #rhett5 #thiswebsiteisawesome</p>
<p>rhett5 And Superbuilder101 You Guys Know Soooo Much About MC!!!</p>
<p>Oh, Another Awesome Server IP for Computer is Brawl: Brawl.com This Server Has Sooo Many Games!</p>
Most people don't know how to do this
<p>I have awesome server IPs below!</p><p>sg: sg.lbsg.net</p><p>tm: tm.lbsg.net</p><p>sp: sp.lbsg.net</p><p>sw: sw.lbsg.net</p><p>fl: fl.lbsg.net</p><p>bh: bh.lbsg.net</p><p>ctf: ctf.lbsg.net</p><p>Hypixel: pe.hypixel.net </p><p>Hope You Like These Servers!</p>
You dont need it for local
Why not add the actual port and ip?
Also 0.8.1
And 0.7.6
This works for 0.7.5
Oh yeah sorry
You mean realms
Wait do u need to have paid version
Sometimes it doesn't work
Most people don't know how to do this

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