How To Join A Multiplayer Server In Minecraft PE

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Watch this video for a quick and easy demonstration: Demonstration

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Step 1:

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Go to the top right corner and click on edit.

Step 2:

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Click on External.

Step 3:

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Find an online server by searching "Minecraft PE Servers". Name your server.

Step 4:

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Enter the IP address and port.

Step 5:

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Now click Add Server.

Step 6: Troubleshooting

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Sometimes the server doesn't connect right away, try again a couple of times.

Some servers require to type out: /register before you can play.

npaton7 months ago

this is also another way to do it

smithymann7 months ago
Awsome dude! Very helpful
laffinm (author) 7 months ago
This server isn't online anymore. Sorry
peseeds8 months ago

i try mcpeindex website to find server, best imo xD

plumeri19 months ago
Is that a real server?
CJR21151 year ago
What is this server
crees0911 year ago
Do you know of any other serers