Fraternities are social clubs that are based off of tradition, brotherhood, and improvement of both self and their communities.  Some men consider entering a fraternity in college, but are unsure the steps to take to enter a fraternity.  Below I have outlined the basic steps one should take if interested in rushing and eventually receiving an invitation to the fraternity, known as a bid.  Once you sign that bid you will begin your journey to brotherhood.

Step 1: Be a Male College Student

Fraternities are scholastic organizations that are only open to men. 

Step 2: Begin Informal Rush

Formal rush is the first chance to meet members of fraternities (brothers). Formal rush simply means investigating the fraternities and happens both on and off campus.  Informal rush has less regulation than formal rush.  When first at school attend events hosted by Greek life to meet members.  Most schools host these events frequently and all every fraternity will be in attendance.  This gives rushes ( individuals interested in joining a fraternity) an opportunity to meet all the fraternities in a very short amount of time.  It is important to be social and talk to everyone.  At these events fill out the sign in sheets,  fraternities will use this contact information to contact you. At  the first events you should start to befriend the brothers.  This should come natural if the fraternity is the right fit for you.  Get brothers numbers and spend time with them outside of school hosted events just like you would with a high school friend.  After spending some time with the brothers you should start to form opinions about each fraternity.  A fraternity is a commitment for life, you are always a member of that fraternity so see where you fit in best. 

Step 3: Sign Up for Formal Rush

You must sign up for formal rush through the school in order to receive a bid from any fraternity.  If you need any help ask a brother or Greek life adviser. 

Step 4: Begin Formal Rush

Formal rush is generally one week long and is comprised of structured, school approved meet and greets hosted by each fraternity. This week  includes events varying from open houses to sporting events.  This week is crucial because its your last week to show a fraternity you deserve a bid.  At these events meet everyone and try to create a good impression.  If they like you during rush week your chances of receiving a bid exponentially increase.  Sometimes during formal rush a fraternity will interview its rushes.  This will give them a better idea of the type of person you are.  Be confident and take this very seriously, a bad interview can hurt your chances of a bid. 

Step 5: Wait for Bid Day

After rush is over the fraternity will vote on each rush.  If the chapter as a whole decides you will be a good fit, you will receive a bid.  If you do receive a bid you will be invited to bid day, which is hosted by the school. 

Step 6: Sign the Bid

Once you sign your bid to make a commitment to that fraternity and your pledge process has began! After completing the pledge process you will be a recognized as an official brother by your fraternity's national headquarters.
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