How to Keep a Pin With Your Palm





Introduction: How to Keep a Pin With Your Palm

I recently bought a used Palm IIIe PDA from a friend. After using it for a while, and some trial and error of trying to figure out how to use it, I've finally got the hang of it. Sometimes though, it freezes or gets a major error. In that case, you have to perform a reset (of which there are a few different types). This is done by putting a pin or other skinny object in a tiny hole in the back. I have run into a small problem though. Whenever I need a pin I have to travel to the other side of the house to get one. But no this isn't my major problem, what is if, say I'm driving somewhere and I have to do a reset, I'm stuck helpless. Not a pin or toothpick to be found! So I've come up with an idea. OMG!

(I wrote that entire paragraph on my Palm! :D)

TAPE, any kind

Step 1: TAPE

Place a piece of tape on the back of the device

Step 2: PIN

Now emo-fy *gasp!* your Palm by stabby-rip-stab-stabbing your palm with the pin. Stick it through the tape until only the head is visible. Yeehaw! You're done. Do you feel special? Now the pin can't fall out. And you'll never be without! :D



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    FYI the Handspring styli had a Phillips head screwdriver as well.

    this is great because i am not gonna pay 5 bucks for a special stylus. i have 1 of those old palm m125's and i can do evrything with it(tv remote, e-mail, web browsing)exept reach the reset

    Oddly enough, the m125, bsides not being rechargeable, is much better than the m150 (Zire.) Personally I prefer my m515 here, much better than even the m130. Blech, horrible passive matrix screen on the m130 btw...

    Really? where did you get your programs for it, if it would work with a Palm Tungsten E

    what about a zire 31?

    my treo's stylus fits in the reset hole... you would think this is how they would have made them all

    unfortunately for me and my zire, they didn't

    I'm a balla and carry 3 sizes of paperclips in my wallet ;)

    What's a balla?