How to Keep Drawers and Doors From Slamming





Introduction: How to Keep Drawers and Doors From Slamming.

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This is an easy fix and free if you already have glue and a glue gun.

Place a small dot of glue on the back of the cabinet drawers and doors. This will act as a cushion and reduce the noise when the drawers and doors are closed.

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    What a great, easy and simple solution! Thanks!

    Thanks animeguard

    Thanks jessyratfink, glad you liked it.

    So so smart! Looks like I'll be using the hot glue gun in the kitchen for the first time soon :D

    Thanks ringai, didn't think about the cupboard. Just put some on it too.

    Hey, thanks.

    You know what else this is good for? Stopping the slapping/crack noise when a tall cupboard door swings shut against a face-frame cabinet. The face frame and the cabinet's side often have no physical connection but for a pair of quick-assembly fittings. This tiny gap allows the faceframe to smack against the cupboard's side when the door closes hard. So applying a few long beads on the inside of the cupboard along that joint will silence the cracking noise.

    I'll add a pic. I was getting ready to do this with a little clear silicone III, but this is even easier. heheh... I'll be right back.

    Well, the hot glue works like a champ. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get a picture that actually shows the glue. It's clear and I used a tiny bead.

    But no more door clattering!

    Thanks wire nut. I was thinking about purchasing rubber dots when I remembered I had a hot glue gun. I also used hot glue to make feet for my laptop where the rubber feet had came off.

    This is a great idea! It would have been much cheaper then the little rubber dots I bought and put on.