How to Keep Fruit Flys Away in Your House





Introduction: How to Keep Fruit Flys Away in Your House

Hi! Every year I get lots of fruit flys in our house. And I tried finding a way to get rid of them. Then I got a great idea... You will need: -a orange or a banana peel - a container(without a lid) -clear cling wrap( get it at a local grocery store)

Step 1: Get a Orange or a Banana Peel

Make sure to either cut the orange in half. If you're using a banana peel, make sure there is no banana left

Step 2: Put It in a Container

Step 3: Put Cling Wrap on Top

Cover the container with cling wrap.Make sure you poke small holes on the cling wrap.

Step 4: And After a Little While They Will DIE!

I prefer keeping the container in the kitchen because they usually know where all the fruit comes from. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!



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    It will take a little while for me to upload it though

    Ya sure!

    can you upload pic of dead flys using this method?

    Please tell me or send pictures of how it worked out!

    Please leave me any comments, complaints, or any feedback and ill be glad to answer!