Step 5: Roll 'Em

Unroll a few sections of your paper towel roll on your countertop--do NOT disconnect your paper towels from the roll yet--and place your dried leafy greens on them. Make sure you leave a space that is about the width of one of your leaves at the end. 

Fold the end with the space over the first leaf. Begin to roll, wrapping your lettuce leaves in the paper towel as you go. Break the paper towels off the roll when all of your lettuce is wrapped up. The paper towels will soak up any additional mositure and keep the humidity higher.

OPTIONAL METHOD 2: If you are confident in your drying technique, you can stack your dried lettuce leaves and wrap the bundle in paper towels, usually two. This method saves on paper towels and work, but is not quite as good as the first. 

TIP: If you don't want to use a ton of paper towels and generate waste, substitute the paper towels with a dish towel. 

I just store them in reusable tuber ware, then take the stock and place them in a low basin with water. they regenerate on their own. when that occurs I transfer it to soil. pick off the leaves when I use it. when you have sets of four, it feeds two people regularly and haven't had any issues growing inside during winter in an apartment
<p>It would cost less to buy new greens every couple of days, and less wasteful if you throw your old stuff on a compost. But if you MUST keep your greens at any cost I guess this is an ok way to do it.</p>
many thanks for this idea

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