Introduction: How to Keep Your Dog Healthy Between Groomings

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Man’s best friend deserves to feel clean and pampered every week. You can keep your pet healthy between grooming sessions by brushing its teeth and cleaning its ears. A healthy pet is a happy pet!

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Step 1: Things You Need:

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• toothbrush
• toothpaste (we recommend chicken flavored over mint)
• dog treats
• cotton balls
• hydrogen peroxide
• a helper may be necessary

Step 2: Let the Dog Try the Toothpaste!

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Put some of the toothpaste on your finger and let him lick it off so that he becomes accustomed to the taste. Also, put your hands in his mouth so he can feel that as well.  It is important to keep the dog calm, so use firm slow motions so that it is clear to the dog you are not playing.

Step 3: Brush!

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It’s time to brush the teeth! Put some toothpaste on the brush, lift the lips of the pet, and begin to brush the incisors (the front teeth).

Step 4: Be Thorough!

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Continue to brush the remaining teeth. Make sure to brush the inside and outside of each tooth. If your pet is resistant, try calming him with encouraging words or rubbing his ears.

Step 5: Clean His Ears!

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To clean your dog’s ears, have your dog lie down comfortably. If it is a puppy and refuses to lie down, have a partner restrain your pet.

Step 6: Go Deep!

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Start cleaning the inner ear from the top of the ear with a dry cotton ball to remove any visible wax. Use firm but gentle strokes to wipe the skin.

*Note: You can use treats throughout the process to make it more enjoyable for your pet.

Step 7: Kill Those Germs!

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Dampen a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and wipe down the inner ear.

*Note: If the dog wants to shake its head, rub the ear at the base in a light, kneading motion.

Step 8: Keep It Up!

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Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the opposite ear. Take a step back and look how clean and happy your pet is! Remember to do these steps once a week to keep your pet in top form!


Jessie Marie (author)2013-04-03

Cute dog! And he does look happy! :D

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