Step 5: Things That Can Fall Apart/Unnecessary Speed

Since many Instructables require assembly, the probability exists that something someone builds will fall apart. This can cause a safety hazard when the invention is something someone rides or sits/stands on. Be sure to include a warning of the consequences should that invention fall apart while someone is on it.

And let's watch the speed, folks. Some of these "vehicles" can go very fast. Slow it down, and you'll get there. Speed, and you'll just get injured.
so basicly summing up this hole instructable. people are stupid dont forget it!
No, it's to remind people to use their heads.
i know a friend who lit a bonfire in their bedroom! didnt catch the house on fire though, but i bet it smelled like smoke for a LONG time
Even if injuries have dropped 30%, I wonder what's happened to morale?
you have to remember that most&nbsp;(almost all)&nbsp;people have the comon sense to know what is safe or not, and generaly young kids dont have the&nbsp;patience to build something that could be &quot;unsafe&quot;.&nbsp; Hell, most kids &lt;10 years old&nbsp;dont have the patience for school, let along building something from scratch.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> all&nbsp;I'm saying is that you dont have to worry about this stuff, you may be a satfey inspector, at a&nbsp;Tool&amp;Die plant, but you dont have to worry about the&nbsp;saftey here, on instructables.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
Touche.<br />
I have a condition where when I get really mad my skin gets really hot and I start getting hives all over my body. You should put a disclaimer at the top of every comment you make: "My comments may cause rage". You're comments are putting innocent people at risk!
Wow... I just saw you comment on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-pair-of-Angel-Wings/">How to make a pair of Angel Wings</a> saying that you don't approve of his instructable because it doesn't warn about the dangers of flight. Are you for real? What are you instructable's self appointed OSHA Marshal?<br/><br/>Anyways I agree with blooper, if instructables need anything it's two lines:<br/><br/>Experiment at your OWN RISK. I am not responsible for anything that may happen to you as a result of reading and/or following this instructable.<br/><br/>But most people know what's dangerous and if not, &quot;Here's your Darwin Award&quot;.<br/><br/>Respectfully Disagreeing<br/>
if you want to grab the bull by the horns, stop blaming the creators of the 'ibles. freedom of speech. you dont wanna be on this site, then leave it. sure you want to make it safer, but venture over to the anarchists cookbook and then come back here complaining about safety. this is a community to share ideas, and albeit some of them may possibly result in injury, the primary goal for instructables is to share ideas. as for the "Many of your Instructables have the potential to cause harm, especially to children" claim, well thats to be blaimed on poor parental supervision, not instructables. if you want to make a difference with safety, the way you present yourself to others makes all the difference in the world. suggest that it could be dangerous, do not threaten to "not approve" or condone their 'ible cause honestly, nobody would care. QUESTION..do you have kids? if so, are they in bubbles? if not, they might get exposed to the real world and possibly get injured...OMG!!!! if you dont like this site or its dangerous ways, then leave it. ever wonder why your 'ible isnt featured yet the "dangerous" ones are?
You forgot to tell everyone to make sure their Instructable is "holiday neutral". You know, in order to prevent attacks from religious zealots with pitch forks. :P
Can you come up with examples where someone would read an instructable and be unaware of any of the above mentioned risks without being explicitly warned? I just think that there is a difference between an author being comprehensive in explaining the details of an instructable (not just how to follow along, but how it works) and a reader attempting something without a strong enough understanding. Perhaps I'm overlooking something.
What about these?<br/><br/><ul class="curly"><li>poisonous fumes</li><li>explosions</li><li>chemical burns</li><li>paper cuts</li><li>insect stings</li><li>insufficient speed (getting out of the way of dangerous things)</li><li>diseases &amp; infections</li><br/></ul>This instructable's limited nature is dangerous, implying that if all these steps are followed, the results would be safe, which is very far from the case.<br/><br/>I cannot approve it.<br/>
I wonder; Do our experiments at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://labs.false-profit.com/blog/">http://labs.false-profit.com/blog/</a> meet your safety standards?<br/>

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