Hey guys, this is going to show you guys how to kill you and animal IN creative mode ON Minecraft P.E.

Step 1: Dig Deep

Your going to have to dig all the way down to the earth, but don't fall down, just fly and go down a little each time

Step 2: Keep Digging

You should be going about this far down

Step 3: This Is What the End of the World Looks Like

Make sure that you don't fall down the end of the world

Step 4: Drop Animals

Now drop animals down against the wall so they will far down in the hole/end of the world

Step 5: Let Them Die

And BAM!!! They will die and turn into black stuff/smoke

Step 8: Now You Can Die

Then you can go down the hole and...

Step 9: Ouch

And you can fall down and you'll die!
Poor chicks :(
<p>i know</p>
I'm sorry, but I have to say this:<br><br>What's the use of killing animals when you don't even collect what they drop?!?!? <br><br>No Offence
<p>Cool never knew this!!</p>

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