Introduction: How to Land a Backbend

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Go from standing to a backbend it minutes. But remember, practice makes perfect.

By the way, I am not a trained gymnast

Step 1: Stretch

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Roll you wrists. Stretch your legs and your back. You can also practice on an exercise ball.

Step 2: Practice.

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Put your hands in a triangle position. Then lean back, don't be scared. Straighten your arms and lock them in place so you don't fall then just lean back more until your hands are on the floor. If you don't get it the first time keep trying I didn't get down my first time, I fell a lot


Newell_Jalynn (author)2014-07-28

I'm a trained gymnast too and you did good ! Remenber always follow your dreams even if they are small . You may want to be a gymnast! And I want to go to the Olympics! So always follow your dreams!

jessyratfink (author)2014-07-10

Totally agree with practicing on an exercise ball!

TraveltoEstelion (author)2014-07-08

you should really be careful when attempting this, if you do not have the right muscle structure or vertebrae flexibility, you are in danger of damaging your spine. Never do this unsupervised.

daisy_kay17 (author)2014-07-07

Hey I am a trained gymnast and you did great

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