How to Laser Cut a Filigree Fan



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Introduction: How to Laser Cut a Filigree Fan

Make a file in CAD with the desired dimensions.

Step 1:

Then :
Open your file in Illustrator and save as an eps.

Step 2:

After your have your design in Illustrator:
Do a multi-up repeat so as to save the material and not have the laser work so hard. Poor laser!

Step 3:

Once you have your laser ready and your file uploaded, 
choose you r material and set your power levels and watch that laser work!

Step 4:

Once the lasering is complete, poke out your bits and begin to assemble!

Step 5:

Be sure to find something Fancy to act as your hinge.
This LED works like a charm!

Step 6:

Begin to thread string or mono-filament through the other specifically design hole in your delicate design so that the spread or span of the fan is manageable. The over-lap should be just the boarder of your design on each "feather". 
Do an over and under stitch, making sure to add the previous feather to the following.

And then You you are done !



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