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Introduction: How to Leave School Early

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Sometimes you make it to school in the morning, and you just don't want to be there. I'll be a senior in the fall, so needless to say, over the past eleven years I've gotten pretty creative and tweaked my system until it was flawless. So here it is, the method that never fails...

Best of Luck! This method has sent me home many times, hopefully it will do the same for you.

Step 1: Go to the Bathroom.

Like all other good ways to go home, a trip to the bathroom sets the mood. Go to the bathroom, bring your cell phone, sit down on the toilet, and enjoy 7-10 minutes of your favorite game. If you're going to play some games, make sure your game settings are on silent.

If you don't bring your cellphone, just chill in the stall for a while. Or you can make a quick stop by your locker and get your calculator, TI-83/TI-84. I have a bunch of games on mine. Just relax and burn up some time.

Step 2: Head Back to Class.

Go back to class. With any luck your teacher will be sitting at their desk and not standing there teaching. DON'T SIT DOWN. Go straight to the teacher's desk and say: "Hey, my stomach isn't feeling too hot, may I go to the nurse please?" (Or the office if the nurse isn't there.) Without doubt I always get "Sure Eric, head on down".

Step 3: Talk the Talk...

Once you get to the nurse or office, stay confident and serious. Just say you've been to the restroom a few times this morning, and your stomach isn't feeling good. Say you have been making frequent trips to the restroom and want to go home. Something along those lines, just get the idea of mad diarrhea across. Do not tell them you have a stomach ache, if you do they'll just give you some tums and tell you to wait it out. Let it be known that you're about to explode. More than likely they'll tell you to call your Mom, and then you're home free.

Step 4: Don't Take No for an Answer!

Once in a blue moon they'll give you some kind of medication and tell you to go back to class. Don't let this scare you away. Do as they say. Simply go to your next class and then make another return to the nurse/office. Let it be known that you have gone to the bathroom again and it has gotten worse. Tell them you wish to go home. Most importantly keep a straight face and be linguistic. They eat it up haha.

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    i have tired to get out of school but then my mother was like you have miss ed to much school and need to stay at school

    i wish that i could do that but then my mom will say that i cant miss any more school i would have to get a doctors note

    help me get out of regency high school

    thank you for making this

    this will never work becuase they'll only send you home if u have a teperture thingu -.-

    8 replies

    the standards for being sent home varies from school to school. i have tried this many times and it has never failed me... what do you ususally do to go home?

    go to the bathroom, intentionally cough a lot, i mean a LOT, and get my throat nice n' irritated. Then, get a rag and fdrench it in hot water. Wring it, then dab it on your forehead and in your ears. Squeeze the rest into your mouth. Then go to the nurse (quickly, you may cool down and lose your makeshift fever!) and complain of a sore throat. it'll look really irritated and red, and you will have a fever (the water was hot, right?). The nurse will likely send you home!

    This has never worked for me

    also when i was in primary school i just said i don't fell well and it worked

    but i was in yr 1

    Try to be lucky

    my school doesn't have running hot water...

    Oh, god! What kind of school is that? Don't they know that hot water is better than cold to fight germs? If I were you, I'd go to the principal and complain about it, giving them "scientific evidence." They might do something about it. (And you can use the methods to go home.)

    diarrhea doesn't make you have a fever

    Is there another way to leave school early without going to the office and fake your sickness or how can u convince your mom to let u out early ?

    What I do is I just sometimes if no one is looking or no one is around I would walk straight out the doors

    Our school doesn't have Nurses we just have Guidance Councillors OLSO if u have something wrong with u eating disorder mental disability I have bulimia and my guidance counselor sends me home for 2 weekd