Picture of How To Lisen To Music For Free
This is a instructable on how to lisen to music for free.

This is my first instructable.
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Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1

Then type any song or artist name and click go.

Then cilck serch.

Step 2: Step 2

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Select the song you want to play.

And thats how you can lisen to any song you want.
Grooveshark is a good one, you should look it up.
SDPADRES5 years ago
 is this legal

redcars101 (author)  SDPADRES5 years ago
 yes, this is totally legal!
foxtrot46975 years ago
wanna know what else is good,
redcars101 (author)  foxtrot46975 years ago
I went to it :)
cheese105 years ago
It's nice that you want to share this with people, but does it really count as something worth making into an instructable?
Really, someone should make a huge -ible featuring as many tidbits like this as possible. It's amazing the things one learns when reading random how-tos. I listen to a lot of free music on YouTube, but I've been looking for something like Thanks, redcars101.
redcars101 (author)  El Mano5 years ago
Your Welcome.
Actually I found it really informative. I spent many years raising a family, without the opportunity to learn about computer technology. Any little tid bit of information is really appreciated. Keep it coming please.
redcars101 (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
What do you want to know about computers? Just pm me what you want to know and I'll tell you if I know.
cyde5 years ago
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