How to Listen to Music at School





Introduction: How to Listen to Music at School

So Now I Know Most People At School Want To Listen To Music But Dont Have A Phone,Ipod Or Like The Olden Days...MP3's. SO Im Here to help your crave for music at schools, + This Is Completely legal

Step 1: What You Need



Internet Access

Step 2:

As Soon As You Get Your Computer Set Up You Will Need To Go On Your Internet Browser

Step 3:

, You Will Need To Put In Your Browser (or just click here >)

Step 4:

Put In The Search Bar What Music You Want To Listen To

Step 5:

And The Last Step Is To Click The Song You Want And Have Fun Listening To Music In School



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    they blocked spotiffy if you read this go to mp3juices tv look that up and download the music that you like and it will be a app on the bottom do not ever press x on it just press the line right next to the x

    our school must be pretty smart because is also blocked

    Depends on what kind of music you are listening to that will help you advance.

    1 reply

    actually it doesn't because i listen to rap music and still get good grades at the same time the music doesnt matter its if you can concentrate while listening to music

    Or you could study and get better grades so that you aren't living with your parents when your 35 and working part time fast food.