How to Loom Knit


Introduction: How to Loom Knit

Loom knitting is a fast, easy, and great way to knit scarves, mats , blankets , sweaters ect... In just a few days you can make a warm wooly blanket. They are all so great gifts for Christmas, great for an ugly sweater contests, and when you sew it up it looks great.

• yarn
• knitting loom
• loom hook
• rubber band

Step 1: Casting On

To cast on first you make a slip knot. If you do not know how to then this is how you make it . First wrap the yarn around to finger, then take the the strand on the bottom, make a loop, and slip it through the other loop on you finger. After that you put it on the peg and tighten. Then you go behind the the first peg and go counter clock wise around it. Do that twice all the way around the loom. Use the rubber band to tie the working yarn to the side peg.

Step 2: Knitting

Take your hook to your bottom row . Bring you bottom row over the top row and repeat. That's all!!!! ;) bye :):):):)!!!!

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