Introduction: How to Make 3D Bubble Letters!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Erasable Pencil and paper Optional-markers/color pencils

Step 2: Normal

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Draw a normal letter

Step 3: Bubble-fy

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Go around the shape of the letter

Step 4: Erase

Picture of Erase

Erase the normal letter inside

Step 5: Complicated

Picture of Complicated

If you want to get complicated, add in shadows

Step 6: Weird Letters

Picture of Weird Letters

For letters like o, instead of tracing the letter just put a smaller circle inside

Step 7: Shadows

Picture of Shadows

Again, with the shadow

Step 8: Thanks

Thanks for checking out my instuctable! Follow me! --moskiii13


KorpseGrinder (author)2013-06-23

I think I messed up on one of the steps. I somehow synthesized rocket fuel while trying to do this.

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