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Wanna learn How To Make a Secret Container Out Of a Lighter?

Watch the video or follow that Instructable


Disposing of about 1x2" of free space, you can use it to hide keys, joints, folded bills, etc.

It looks and works EXACTLY as an empty lighter, but if you LIFT the button (instead of push it), it will open the container revealing the content.

Learn now how to make it

Step 1: You'll Need...

- an empty Lighter
- the inner part of a Pen
- a saw
- a piece of sandpaper
- a piece of tape
- a clamp
- a cutter or a knife
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mrpitt2 years ago
What happened to video?
I have a different idea, not yet executed but it uses 2 lights, the first you drill out the white bottom part of the one you want to use as the hidden compartment, with the second lighter you cut off the bottom part and clean it up so it fits in the first lighter without any noticeable difference. This way you got a perfect size lighter.. I sort of thought from the photo of 2 lighters in this tutorial that thats what would be done.. any ideas??
hi543213 years ago
do you clear out the top of the lighter were the spark thingy goes
can you buy a lighter just like that without being 18, or 16, for instance, I am 14, but i look 17, do you think that i can but a lighter no prob, or be asked for a ID?
I would think that you don't need to be 18 to light things on fire.

Youth will find a way, as the saying goes...
 you should be able to just buy it because im 14 to and i can buy one here
BlindSight (author)  mikeowings1723 years ago
I agree :)
he1450333 years ago
do you have to use a bic or can you use any lighter.
Its a nice instructable, good idea!!!
BlindSight (author)  potatohead1213 years ago
Thanks potatohead121

it's a personal invention I did when I was very young :)
pazzissimo7 years ago
Questo è quello che mi sono fatto io. L'idea è veramente geniale speriamo postino altri video interessanti.
Senza titolo-1.jpg
BlindSight (author)  pazzissimo3 years ago
Nice. Thank You.

Bel lavoro pazzissimo. e grazie dei complimenti :) sono alquanto orgoglioso di questa instructable, dato che è tutta farina del mio sacco.
zascecs6 years ago
Awsome! 5 stars.
BlindSight (author)  zascecs3 years ago
Thank You zascecs.
Huntman005 years ago
dude this is awsome

it was confusing but i figured it out but this IS AWSOME
BlindSight (author)  Huntman003 years ago
Thank you Huntman00. Sorry if something wasn't too clear in my explaination.
owlafaye7 years ago
The photos show the tools and not much more... no video capability at 48 kps so I am beginning to think this website is going to be useless for me. Too bad...owlafaye
hey owlafaye, not all Instructables show only the tools needed. Indeed, this Instructable lacks step-by-step graphical instructions. Don't let one poor Instructable deter you from using this great site.
I highly recommend the video though. Very nice, well commented and very clear. (Didn't mean to harsh the Instructable as much as it sounds like I did above. Sorry.)
biscohead5 years ago
Yeah i'm with cameronj1019,OI19, I'm not quite clear on what this spet is and what how ist open the light...Cause I really, want to make one and do it right. You mentioned "..now you can can put the top of the lighter back on.." but i don't  think it mentioned anything abou taking top of the lighter off, just the bottom
Hoope you reply, CASUE I Really want to make oneeeeeee.:)
lotustp5 years ago
 Awesome Instructable, one question though, how do you get the flint and spring back in, with the roller on top of it. As soon as i open the lighter the flint and spring fly out, i cannot figure out a way to reassamble it with the spring and flint back in place, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
im confused...how does it work? what makes the bottom pop off?? can some 1 help me i wanna make 1
surferioz6 years ago
i couldnt cut the bootom off and that got me so frustrated so i took the table saw lol
sharlston6 years ago
if you have a broken lighter in need of fixing go to my post to get it fixed

heres the link:
budforum6 years ago
dude this is a super great idea... but ive been working for 2 hours on trying to get all the colored plastic off of the bottom white piece..... such a pain in the (well u know).... i figure i shouldnt curse on this page... idk.. standards
baneat6 years ago
Ironically made famous by an anti-drugs leaflet.
sharlston6 years ago
i borrow a lighter if you go fishing tell ur dad or someone to get some lighters to melt the line to strengenth the line and use them without em knowing
yeah i made one and its awsome and i also have a tip for it,when you take out the peice that the fuel comes out of keep it and force it in the end of the ink tube and it fits nicely with the full size bics.that way it looks even more real.also you would have to attach it to the other side of the button(where it originally was).that makes it where the ink tube doesnt fall out and looks even more real.
Microtek6 years ago
Very nice instructable! They also make great project boxes for electronics, detonators or other remote switches.
amakerguy6 years ago
don't bother opening it becuase there is NO WEED in there.
Seismos6 years ago
I just made one of these and wanted to share my experience. I used a normal childproof bic, and preceeded to saw off the bottom cap. Make sure you are at least 0.3 inches from the bottom, or else you'll start cutting into the white cap which is actually glued to the case. Just as a side note, it doesn't matter if the lighter is childproof or not; the childproof ones just have a springy metal piece. After I sanded the cap and bottom of the lighter, I removed the metal pieces and found that there was another metal piece inserted where the "nozzle" for the gas is. I'm pretty sure it was glued in place (to create a seal for the gas), but i used a small screw driver and a hammer to tap it through the other side. This left a hole just the perfect size for my ink cartridge. The cartridge itself was the hardest part to get right. It must be the EXACT length for the opening mechanism to work, and it must be large enough so that it doesn't go through the hole in the metal lever. First, assemble the lighter without the bottom cap, and insert the ink cartridge into the hole. Press down on the button so that it is level and then observe how far the ink cartridge needs to be. Start by cutting very small pieces off the cartridge. Too much and you'll need a new one. Folding the cartridge as in the video is only to give it more strength. You can use anything really, as long as it fits the same criteria (long enough, wide enough, and strong enough). When you place the cap on, it should move the button down. Don't put it on too tight though, just enough for it to firmly hold. If the lid doesn't pop off when you push up on the button, make sure the cap isn't on too tight, and that the ink cartridge is in the hole and is long enough to push the cap out.
555mst5557 years ago
lol at 3;42...it suppose to be tape....
Ean Uchiha7 years ago
how do you get the metal part off
if somebody would respond it'd b great
i used a small knife and got fight inbetween the metal and plastic and pulled up and away from me! Good luck!
thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
acesk8erboi7 years ago
lol if that bottom thing shoots u can probably pelt ppl in the eyes =D oh well yea im probably gona do that and like hide(stash) all my flints for my zippo
lol good instructable =D
A lighter to stash part for your other lighter? The redundancy is entertaining. I love it. lol
The Mollusk7 years ago
Nice! the video helped a lot.I love this idea, its kinda like my secret box stash idea (just search for it and you'll find it) except nobody thinks to cheack a lighter.
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