Introduction: How to Make a 60p Amp

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This Instructable will show you how to make a dirt cheap amplifier.

Step 1: You Will Need:

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You will need:

- 1 flame

- 1 skewer

- 1 plastic pot

Step 2: Heat Up Your Skewer

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Firstly heat up your skewer, using the flame, being careful not to burn your fingers as metal is a very good conductor of heat.

Step 3: Make the Hole

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Secondly make a small hole in the bottom of the pot (good idea to do this on a protective surface to avoid damaging the worktop/bench/table).

Step 4: Enlarge the Hole

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Finally enlarge the hole in the pot so it will fit over the speaker of your phone.

Step 5: Listen to Loud Music

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After letting the plastic harden you can now listen to your amazing loud music.

Step 6: The Science Behind It

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The science behind how this works is very simple; The pot makes the sound waves more focused which then makes it louder.


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