How to Make a Audio CD Player From Old Cdrom





Introduction: How to Make a Audio CD Player From Old Cdrom

About: I am a student who is interested in electronics

Hello Friends this is my First Project On Instructable.
In It I Will Show You How To Make A Cd Player from Old Cd Rom.



Step 1: COMPONENTS of Player for Indoor Use

The Things That You Will Need are

1. Old Cdrom/Dvd rom.

2.Stereo Lead for amplifier and cdrom

3.A old Pentium 1 Power Supply.(if don't have)use Pentium 3 or 4 Power Supply

4.And Last Thing Audio Cds.....

5.Old Amplifier And Speakers.

Step 2: COMPONENTS of Cd Player (For Car Use Only)

The Things That You Will Need are

1. Old Cdrom/Dvd rom.

2.Stereo Lead for amplifier and cdrom.

3.12 volt to 5v converter.

4.Old Pc Power Supply Connectors.

5.Amplifier or Amp And Some Speakers.

6.Some Audio Cds.

Step 3: Lets Begin(indoor Use Only)

Firstly Take A Cd Rom or DVD Rom I Prefered Cd Rom is Best For Testing.
Now If You Are Using Pentium I Power Supply.
Short Last Pin of P9 And First Pin of P8 Ashown in Pic

Step 4: Power Supply(Indore Use Only)

Just insert the power cable in power jack of cd rom and Insert power cable in power supply.
Power on the Power supply and insert the audio cd in cd rom

Step 5: Amplifier(Indoor Use Only)

Use A Stereo cable in the output of Cd rom and the other end to the input or Line in of Amplifier.

Thats All Done


Step 6: Power Supply(Car Use Only)

Just insert the power cable in power jack of cd rom and Insert power cable in power supply.
Power on the Power supply and insert the audio cd in cd rom
Note Here Power Supply is attained from car so you need a 12v-5v converter and a simply 12v-12v.
Because Power Supply from Pc Provides 5 and 12 volts

Red And Black Wires Provides 12v
and Yellow and Black Provides 5v

Step 7: Amplifier(Car Use Only)

If you Have amplifier in your car that good if not you have to arrange it

just take a stereo lead and connect it to the output of cd rom to input or line in of amplifier.

And Put the power cord at the back of cd rom and insert the audio cds,

Now Thats all Enjoy The Music

Step 8: NOTE






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    Great job and thanks for sharing! You have a brilliant future ahead. Thanks again.

    1 reply

    Thanks For your appericiation.

    why are you shorting out parts of the supply, those old AT class power supplies will turn on without being connected, as they are not  "intelligent" and only controlled by a switch which is connected to mains

    5 replies

    because these psu r dumb devices they require some dummy load
    u can use a resistor as well or simply do as i did it.

    At Supply and Atx both require Some Dummy Load to Go to Power on state
    For Atx Simply Short Green and Black Connector in 20 or 24 pin power jack

    For At Refer to user manuals

    Brother i have tried this without shorting the pin no last of p9 and first pin p8 without shorting there will be a Short circuit and if u have circuit brackers installed in ur home the will trip just check and reply.

    Actually i am shorting pin no last of p9 and first pin p8 that power supply understood that a mother board is connected to it and you could use it as a supply.

    you must have a "special" one from a name brand computer or something, I have 1 now on my bench as a gp power supply and I have never had one trip a breaker (unless I got the main's switch wired up backwards ... the 1 time I did that it wasnt pretty)

    May Be U are Right But i have 4 or five AT power supplies all have same procedure to make them work.


    if u want to check my words just pick a PENTIUM 1 mother board and check the last pin of p9 and first pin of p8
    simply check the continuty

    ok that should solve ur problem


    well I dont have a board to check, and the ones I am referring to (AT class) all used the same power supply

    heh mine is even the old school style with the big red paddle switch, its powered a 368, a couple 486's, pentiums and 2 k6/2's

    erm in one of your steps you said red and black is 12V and yellow and black is 5V, now i thought yellow was 12V-+, red is 5V-+, and black is ground.

    good idea but i just a pioneer headunit indoors using a PC PSU

    1 reply

    hahah u realize my mistake.Thanks for ur correction.

    it is nice but my dvd rom does not has any stero jack connector in it what to do please tell me?

    2 replies

    so thats not a problem.Simply ur dvd has audio output on the back
    for more info refer to product manual of ur manufacturer.

    use back side audio output for dvd roms

    i will upload stand alone dvd player very soon so w8 for it.
    you can also google "How to make a stand alone dvd player"
    Thanks for your intrest.

    made one myself and its great :) you can check it out here>>>

    but i was wondering if you can make one out of a cd-r drive or know where i can find some information because i cant figure it out..


    1 reply

    Thanks for ur intrest.

    Your pictures & comments leave alot to be desired...

    did something like that in the past, with a switch soldered to the psu, but one thing bothers me, how do you start the music or skip the songs? mine got 3 buttons on the front. (btw, I used the back audio outputs instead of front ones)

    2 replies

    u are right this one has no buttons so the once the cd is inserted it will start to and if u eject it will stop.
    no forward reverse.

    if u want these options simply take a cd rom that have forward and reverse option like Creative infra 52x.

    i am using it and it works great


    This is Simply a Prototype and u can use different verity of cd roms and power supplies.i am now doing experiment on CREATIVE INFRA 52X.and it doing fine.Thats True U can take output from both back and front.Back Pannel Called DIGITAL AUDIO.But it Simpler Than Having Solder 4 wires to A Female stero Socket.
    instructables is all about the projects that common people can make.

    So I Hope U Got the answer