I recently had the chance to attend the Ig Nobel awards, with the Harvard/Radcliffe Science Fiction Association. If I dressed up in a bacteria related theme, I'd get half a chance at meeting one of the special guests, Neil Gaiman. Needless to say, I slapped together the best bacterium costume I could. Complete production time was under 2 hours, and that was with a lot of mucking about.

Step 1: What I Used

The Short:
  • 10 green latex gloves
  • 2 30 gallon black garbage bags
  • black bandanna, beanie hat, and sunglasses
  • various bits of paper and plastic rubbish to stuff gloves
  • black shoestring

The Long of It
Whilst casting about for an idea, I recalled seeing somewhere (here probably) a ghost costume made from a white garbage bag.
I ran out and bought a box of black garbage bags (30 gallon) at a local hardware store and went hunting for latex gloves, because any self respecting Bacillus would be caught dead without flagella. In other words, TENTACLE BITS!!
I did not find regular old latex gloves. I instead found green latex gloves. Booyah. Back in my apartment I rustled up a black bandanna, beanie hat, and sunglasses, all lending to a sinister look.

I' m searching exactly for such green gloves. Do You know what brand they are ?
I don't sadly, I do know I bought them at CVS. they weren't your normal, super stretchy latex gloves. They be non latex?
You could have used colored condoms too!
I thought of that, but thought a bit ambiguous for tentacly bits.
They could have worked :P
Doesnt really give the reputation I want.
wow kent so now i know what you have been doing with your time jk nice job
yup :D
ha! i knew it
Hmmm, did the outfit reduce your chances of meeting the ladies from slim to none?
Don't believe so, the on on the far right was kind enough to take the completed image :D
Excellent - did you get onto the Improbable site as well?
Don't believe so, one of our chaps snapped this pic. There might be a picture of me out on the net but I haven't seen it.
Cool that you got to meet him, I like his stuff. <br>You seem to have the most elaborate costume of the bunch.
Yeah, I tend to be &quot;that guy&quot;.

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