Have you ever wondered about how I make my Ginormous and Wondrous Ball machines? Now you can design and build your own!

This instructable does not give steps on any particular ball machine, but rather how to build one in general.

Ball machines are the luxurious side to k'nex; these use thousands of pieces. If you do not have thousands of pieces, but rather have somewhere around 400, this is not for you. Sorry. You could always try, though.

These steps are essentially what I do when making my machines.

So, onwards!

Step 1: Preliminary Issues

First of all, if you're reading this, hopefully you have a very large reserve of K'nex. Depending on your size and Concept, you will need varying amounts. on AVERAGE, 2 feet or less is about 1,000 pieces, 3 feet or less 2,200, 4 feet is about 3,000 5 feet is about 4,000, 6 feet is 5,000, and 7 feet, like the -xXxXx-, would be about 8,000. After that, your ball machine will get skinner and there will be less and less pieces, up to a point.

Second is possibly the most important step, as it will save you countless hours. It will be painful, but, SORT THY PIECES! Yes, take apart ALL your models and get many, many bags (or Boxes). Sort them all!

What you Need to build a Ball Machine:
Leather Fingers
Thousands of pieces
Bags or Boxes
Lots of Spare Time
This Instructable!

And next, the building? Hecks no! You still have much to learn, young Skywalker! do NOT start building your first ball machine yet, or you might make a FATAL ERROR! (Like I did when building Project DESTINY)!!!

You should be done with your painful sorting after a few days, so then, again, onward ho!
darth can you please reply to me? is 4998 a good amount for making a ball machine?
<p>how do you connect paths to the top?</p>
i have a kex big air pump so what van i make
Mr. Trainman is about 2,000 pieces good enough? I have like 6,000 but lots of them are micro knex. PLEASE RESPOND!!! I NEED TO KNOW
knexman32, <br>It depends. 2,000 will probably limit you to a smaller to midsize ball machine, but is still very do-able. One thing you will quickly learn about building ball machines is that there is no set formula for building them. I would suggest looking at the various ball machines posted on the site, specifically for approximate number of pieces used, to see what is feasible for your collection (typing &quot;knex ball machine&quot; into the search bar will quickly yield results). Hope this helps!
Also, there have been ball machines with micro knex, such as sathothy's Armageddon. Link is https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-ballmachine-armagedonn/
darth is 3,00 knex good for a ball machine
xXxXx is truly a classic machine!
Wish i had as many knex as i do legos..
im starting my own but itsnot going well
Could you plaese post a video?
u r right about that
can u plese post more instructions.
One good idea i saw was Austron's wind powered ball machine, so a machine using different power other than motor
its to bad i do not have enough knex to make anything big.i had a new lift design to.
my knex were sorted b4 i even read this
Good for you.
wow youyve inspiredme im gonna make something like vendetta with out a chain or a motor and its gonna use a golfball haha
dude do you mean from the bottom up or from the top down?
i think top to bottom
this is accurate lol
You mention you need years of experience to build these, But you forgot one thing: Thousands of KNEX. LOL
is this the big ball factory??
Just awsome.<br>I started making a paper ball machine which kinda looks like this but is much less complicated than yours.
what do you do if you do not have enough chain?, great 5* subed<br/>
Just make a ball machine that your chain can fit on.
have a look at the other instrcuctables it shows you how to do spiral lifts and mill lifts wich dont use a chain
You're a year and a half late.
my knex ball hasnt arrived yet so i have to use a ping pong ball witch is 2 light and it wont work
plz post XxXxX!!
A machine where you have to flick a switch to an answer and if you get the correct answer to a question the ball wont crash...
He means from the bottom up :P
sick, 5 i subbed to you
i always get screwed up on this
LOL Me too!!
Same with me
A Machine infused with a Roller Coaster would be epic as soon as i get a good amount of roller coaster pieces i want to build a roller coaster that uses a ball instead of a train but then again it might not work...
have you seen my coater car for newer track instructable? if not then look <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-custom-coaster-car-for-mini-track/" rel="nofollow">here</a>
this is what i was looking for thx i may be able to make my first ever ball machine with this help
what if u used a spinning spiral staircase next to a wall and it would be laike a ramp
&nbsp;please help me
wow your desperate
yo dude thanks for the tips
I'm jealous,very jealous! And I thought my 15000 knex tub was a lot.!
what the
Dude, you cant buy a tub of knex with 15000 pieces.
Late Reply sorry. I got the knex from criegslist and there were only 7000 but I could put more in because its a big tote.

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