I  was facinated by the cross stitching on a regulation baseball and wanted to duplicate it as a decorative stitch. After making several practice items, shown later, I decided how better to show the baseball or cross stitch than to make a baseball?  Duh! It can be used as a pin cushion, of course, but could also be a toy, a pet toy, conversation piece, etc.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

I made three different balls as shown, and all of them were made with materials on hand.  The green ball is made with felt as the covering, and is stuffed with an old cut up t-shirt.  The black ball is covered with old tshirt material itself, and the same goes for the white ball. Tshirt material is semi stretchable, so makes for a good material to use. It can stretch enough to smooth out any wrinkles, and is readily available. Various needles, threads, scissors, needle threader, pins, etc are used, all common items in most households.

Step 3: Make A Pattern

Picture of Make A Pattern
To make my pattern, I cut a piece of bond paper to the approximate size.  This was laid onto the baseball and the first shape was drawn or traced onto the paper.  It's easy to trim the paper to the right shape using this method.  A baseball is covered with two pieces of rawhide, both of which are exactly the same.