Picture of How To Make A Battery Hand Warmer
First get a nine volt battery.then get a paperclip and electric tape cove the paperclip with the tape when the paperclip is straight.then bend the paperclip to fit in each whole at the top of the battery.next tape one of ends of the paperclip to one of the battery wholes. Last when you want the battery to heat up just hold the end of the paperclip that is not taped to the battery in the other battery whole and pretty soon it should heat up!
sonicrz2 years ago
sonicrz2 years ago
Do not do this? This is coming from a person who nows what circuits are and the proper way to build them and this is not how you build one
MikB2 years ago
Did the phrase "Do Not Short Circuit. Do Not Disassemble. Do Not Dispose Of In Fire" not catch your attention?

Although PP3 batteries are quite wimpy, shorting them out will make them angry, and the cells inside *will* go pop with sufficient force to blow out the plastic end cap. If you want that in your hand, along with caustic goo, then try this. Otherwise, don't.
ivanjacob2 years ago
DON'T DO THIS! The battery might explode/ catch fire!