How to Make a Beaded Bracelet on a Cardboard Box Loom





Introduction: How to Make a Beaded Bracelet on a Cardboard Box Loom

Learn how to make unique woven bracelets out of tiny beads. Beaded bracelets are fun to wear and also make great gifts!



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    What A WONDERFUL School project!!! Simple, INEXPENSIVE, creative, and above all, FAST!!! Thimbles may be needed, but depends on students. Also perfect for olderkids and adults.

    yeah hey i bought my beads at the dollar store and im using quilting thread and the holes are too small. in other words i cant go back through each thread and weave it in through because it gets too small :'( any suggestions?

    Having trouble viewing the video, where is the PDF?

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    I was just wondering if this has an actual name so i can look up different kinds of patterns?

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    You can achieve this without the loom as well, and without the loom it's called peyote stitch, which is my favorite to work with.

    Look at this... it took me a lot of time but it´s awesome

    pulsera konoha.jpg
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    cool naruto bracelet. how do u make this??
    - Miss Octive


    very nice

    Love the Naruto!!! That is awesome!!

    Just try your local craft store :)

    This is SOOO amazing. I just made one for my sis for Easter but then my bro came over and told me that the string wasn't strong enough. I have been working on it FOREVER!!! He told me to give it to her as an ornament or something.... Darn. It was like a tree with her initial and her husband's initial on it. It was so cute. *sigh*

    I used to do quite a bit of beading back in my Scout days. I'm just getting back into beading and I'm in the process building a loom from some scrap 1X3 pine boards.

    I use fishing line (for large beads), polyester thread and silk thread for beading with seed beads.

    I've got a beading project coming up with the local OA Chapter and I'll have them doing their project on the card board loom .

    I found this around noon and thought it was awesome. After visiting my local michaels, I had this...

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    Very cool. I like the skulls. Did you create the design yourself?

    teach me how to make this stuff