Follow the instructions and you will make delicious burritos

Step 1: Ingredients

To cook this you will need the following

1) tortillas (corn or flower your choice)

2) beans (refried is recommended)

3) cheese

4) milk

5) can opener

6) cheese grader

7) wooden spoon

8) pot

Step 2: Preparing

Open the can of beans using the can opener set your stove top to a 6 or 7. Then put your beans into the pot then onto the stove.

Step 3: The Cheese

while your beans are warming up use the cheese grader to get graded cheese

Step 4: Stir the Beans

once your beans have warmed up a little start to stir them.

Step 5: Adding the Milk

pour ONLY A SPLASH of milk into the beans then stir thoroughly.

Step 6: The Tortilla

once you've stirred the beans put the tortillas into the microwave for 20 seconds then take them out.

Step 7: Assembel

put the beans into the tortilla and then add cheese and you now have a tasty burrito.
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<p>Nice! Can't go wrong with bean and cheese!</p>

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