video How To Make A Bikini Cover Up
Learn how to make a bikini cover up out of an old t-shirt
Ward_Nox7 years ago
well done but i would recomend that if you use a boyfriends old shirt tomake this ask first last thing u want is to "ruin" his favorite one
I was thinking more along the lines of "how to ruin your ex-boyfriends shirts before he asks for them back"
 His favorite one probably has too many holes and/or stains in it for her to consider using it.
you are so beautiful !!
mr magic5 years ago
Why cover up at all,I say
studioare5 years ago
this is very creative. make new clothes out of old ones.
waffleman6 years ago
looks good....but i would find a different shirt, that one is cool, but not the best....
noelle_tan6 years ago
how long was the shirt originally?